It’s such an exciting time when a friend or relative announces that they are expecting. A super exciting event deserves a super special and exciting baby gift.

Having a baby is likely to be the most memorable event in the parent’s lives, so a bunch of flowers simply won’t do. You want to give a baby gift that has the wow factor, a baby gift that will be remembered for years to come and will reflect just how much you care. Sourcing the perfect gift can seem like an uphill challenge, after all there are so many choices, but are they all beautiful, practical and of a high quality? No is the answer and that’s where Little Angels can help and supply you with the perfect newborn gift. Our nappy cakes and baby gift boxes not only look stunning but are also made with premium ingredients too. So why do we use the ingredients that we do in our baby gifts?

Firstly we use Pampers Nappies and only Pampers Nappies in our nappy cakes. We understand that every baby is unique and therefore different nappy brands may suit them better than others but we believe that Pampers are a good starting point, after all they have been making nappies since 1961, so they know a thing or two about producing high quality, absorbent nappies that are kind to newborn skin.

Pampers are made from ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and are proven to be safe and kind to delicate skin. Added to that, Pampers and Unicef work in partnership and launched the 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign to help eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus worldwide. Every time we buy and you use Pampers we are supporting a very worthy cause. If you have a chance, check out their website, it offers amazing support to new parents and mummy’s-to-be.

Lamaze toys

We use Lamaze toys in our baby gift boxes and to top some of our nappy cakes… we love them! The bright colours are stimulating and eye catching. Their toys crinkle and rattle and are designed around sound and texture. Their toys help babies develop their senses and investigate the immediate world around them. They look stunning sat on top of the nappy cakes, especially with a colour coordinating, quality blanket underneath them.

Toby Tiger

Have you ever noticed that the majority of new baby gifts are pastel coloured? Pastel colours are lovely and we still offer pastel colour baby gifts but sometimes you may be after something a bit brighter and bolder. Toby Tiger’s clothing range offers just that. Their clothes are stripy, bold, stylish, vibrant, comfy, soft… The list goes on! They make ethical, organic clothing and they’re based in Sussex too. Just along the road in fact!

Cotton ingredients

Newborn skin is super soft and delicate. Many health professionals promote the use of cotton clothing against newborn skin. We have found some interesting facts about why cotton is kinder:

  • Cotton is natural
  • Cotton clothing is softer and therefore reduces the likelihood of rubbing against baby’s skin
  • Cotton is breathable and will help keep your baby cool
  • Cotton is easy to wash and can be washed at high temperatures, reducing the need to use harsh cleaning products
  • Unlike synthetic materials, cotton absorbs moisture helping to keep baby’s skin dry
  • Cotton has a different treatment process and therefore is not usually subjected to harsh chemical finishing processes

The list goes on. Cotton is better for the environment too! That’s why we use cotton in our baby gift boxes and nappy cakes!

So there we are, that’s why we use the ingredients in our baby gifts that we do. We have spent hours upon hours sourcing special high quality ingredients that will not disappoint the recipient.