A baby shower is a party to celebrate the impending birth of a baby by ‘showering’ the mummy-to-be with advice and gifts. Baby showers are usually hosted by friends or relatives of the expectant mum and not the mummy-to-be herself.

Traditionally it is not hosted by the expectant mum’s family but is becoming more common for a family member to be involved in the planning and hosting of the baby shower. The party is usually a female only event, however, it is also becoming  increasingly popular to include male friends and relatives of the mummy and daddy-to-be. Once the host has been decided, it is then a good idea to think about when the ideal time for the baby shower will be. Bear in mind that the mum-to-be may become increasingly tired towards the later stages of her pregnancy!

Once the host, location and date of the baby shower has been decided the planning can begin! Let’s start with who to invite. Close friends and relatives will have a good idea on who the mummy to be will want to invite to her shower. Unless it is a surprise then it would probably be a good idea to double check with the mum. Guests usually include, friends, relatives and work colleagues.

Once the guest list has been decided, it is time to send out the invitations. A good few weeks’ notice should be given so the guests are able to save the date and to prepare for the baby shower. The hostess needs to organise a baby shower that reflects the taste of the mummy to be, for example does the mummy to be have a preferred colour? Does the mummy to be have a certain style? What theme would she like for the baby shower?. Themes can help tie everything together and are also useful when deciding the colour of decorations and favours.

The whole point of the shower is to have some fun and for the mum to relax. Games are popular at baby showers and are a way of breaking ice for the guests who do not know one another. A popular activity is for guests to bring a baby photo of themselves, one by one the guests take it in turn to match a photo with a shower guest. Guess the birth date and weight is another popular game, as is guess the circumference of the mummy to be’s tummy. Another popular activity is for guests to sign their name and a message on a baby bodysuit that the mum can keep to remember her special day.

Practicalities of pregnancy should be carefully thought out when planning each activity, the mummy to be should be able to fully participate in each activity.

Once the games have been finished the guests would probably like some food to refuel! A popular idea when a baby shower is being organised is for each of the guests to bring some food so the hostess doesn’t have all of the responsibility. The type of foods needs to be carefully considered, there may be some foods that the mummy to be cannot eat. The theme can also be considered when planning the food, for example the colour scheme can be used when baking cakes. ‘Mocktails’ are also popular at baby showers, these are non alcoholic cocktails that mummy to be can enjoy and guests can have fun making.

Once the food has been eaten, it is the perfect time for the mummy to open her gifts. The hostess may have decided at the beginning to organise a gift list to avoid guests bringing lots of the same thing. It may be a good idea to also ask the mummy to be what she needs and what she already has a lot of!

Finally don’t forget the finishing touches! Baby shower favours are great to give to guests as a way of remembering the day. The favours are also a way of saying thank you to your guests for coming and sharing the special day with you. Baby shower favours can be anything from cupcakes to personalised baby shower candles and are a fantastic way of incorporating the theme.