Corporate Rewards

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Many corporate companies offer their employees incentives and rewards that are organised through their HR department. At Little Angels we work with many companies around the country, supplying beautiful handmade nappy cakes and hampers, each gift sending a message to the employee about how valued they are. There is not likely to be a more [...]

Things to consider when planning a baby shower

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A baby shower is a party to celebrate the impending birth of a baby by ‘showering’ the mummy-to-be with advice and gifts. Baby showers are usually hosted by friends or relatives of the expectant mum and not the mummy-to-be herself. Traditionally it is not hosted by the expectant mum’s family but is becoming more common [...]

What is a nappy cake?

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We’re often asked what a nappy cake is. After all, it is only in the last few years that they have really taken off here in the UK. We’re also often asked, are they edible? Although it is formed to resemble the shape of a cake and made from fresh Pampers nappies, we certainly wouldn’t [...]